Jim Fuller:

Throughout Jim's career, whose cutting edge guitar work and bluesy vocals have influenced so many musicians, he transformed from surf of the Surfaris to 60's rock with the legendary psychedelic band The Seeds and beyond. Not only did he write or co-write all the hit tunes for the Surfaris he also teamed up with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.

Many of Jim’s most famous songs, including Wipe Out, Surfer Joe, Point Panic, Waikiki Run and many others can be heard not only on radio but are also memorable from some of the most famous movies of all time in which they were played. Movies such as Dirty Dancing, Meet the Parents, Surf's Up, George of The Jungle, Bad News Bears, Herbie Fully Loaded, Wayne’s World II, Lively Set staring James Darren, "Why do fools fall in Love?" and many others.

His songs have been recorded by; The Beach Boys, Ventures, Fat Boys, Toy Dolls and countless others. Wipe Out is considered the surfer’s anthem and Rock and Roll drum solo benchmark against which all others are measured. According to BMI "Wipe Out" is one of the most played songs in Rock history. As of 2003 it had been played on the Air Waves over 40 million times

In recognition of Jim's accomplishments in the music industry and entertainment his name is embedded in Hollywood's “Rock Walk of Fame” on Sunset Boulevard.   

He continues to entertain audiences throughout the world with “Jim Fuller and the Beatnik” and the Surfaris.

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