Jim Fuller:


Throughout Jim's career, whose cutting edge guitar work and bluesy vocals have influenced so many musicians, he transformed from surf of the Surfaris to 60's rock with the legendary psychedelic band The Seeds and beyond. Not only did he write or co-write all the hit tunes for the Surfaris he also teamed up with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.

Many of Jim’s most famous songs, including Wipe Out, Surfer Joe, Point Panic, Waikiki Run and many others can be heard not only on radio but are also memorable from some of the most famous movies of all time in which they were played. Movies such as Dirty Dancing, Meet the Parents, Surf's Up, George of The Jungle, Bad News Bears, Herbie Fully Loaded, Wayne’s World II, Lively Set staring James Darren, "Why do fools fall in Love?" and many others.

His songs have been recorded by; The Beach Boys, Ventures, Fat Boys, Toy Dolls and countless others. Wipe Out is considered the surfer’s anthem and Rock and Roll drum solo benchmark against which all others are measured. According to BMI "Wipe Out" is one of the most played songs in Rock history. As of 2003 it had been played on the Air Waves over 40 million times
In recognition of Jim's accomplishments in the music industry and entertainment his name is embedded in Hollywood's “Rock Walk of Fame” on Sunset Boulevard.   
He continues to entertain audiences throughout the world with “Jim Fuller and the Beatnik” and the Surfaris.


Kathy Merrick:

This talented vocalist is in great demand for recording sessions and live. Her performances can be heard on many gold and platinum recordings. She has accompanied some of the best names in the recording industry including; Tom Jones, Boz Skaggs, Jennifer Lopez, Supreme Review and numerous others.

She is equally comfortably singing sultry blues and jazz to rock and R&B. She is a pleasure to everyone’s ear when she graces the stage.


Lisa Frazier:

Lisa is an energetic and eclectic vocalist who has performed on platinum and gold hits Her much sought after voice is truly unique and in demand by such discriminating artists as; Ziggy Marley, Jennifer Lopez, Boz Skaggs and numerous others. You can hear her voice on many commercials and recorded albums.

She has a compelling stage presence and an extraordinary vocal range. Her mesmerizing aura on the stage is spell binding.


Joe Pollard:


Joe is one of the best recording session drummers throughout the 60’s and well into the 80’s. You can hear him on many gold and platinum recordings. He has performed and recorded with such greats as; Beach Boys, Grass Roots, Spiral Stair Case, Roger Miller, Wilson Pickett, Etta James to name only a few. He is considered the drummers drummer.

He is also known as the father of the synthesized electric drums (Syndrum) that revolutionized and changed the sound of music that we enjoy today from disco to rap and everything in between.

He is also an accomplished recording engineer and producer with such Grammy Award winners as: Hot Chili Peppers and Shadowfax to name only a few.


Sam Russell McWhorter:

Sam’s wide range of talents starts in the 60’s as one of Gold Stars Recording Studio’s golden boys, where such great music icons as Leon Russell, Glen Campbell, Dr. John and Jim Keltner had their early beginnings.

Sam was Jackie DeShannon's “Put a little love in your heart” producer and keyboardist winning him a gold and platinum record. He has also worked with Electric Light Orchestra, Donovan, Little Richard and a host of other talented and gifted artists. He is a  recording producer, engineer, composer, writer and musician who is highly admired by the music industry. His musical talents can be heard on many gold and platinum recordings.


Vince LeBauve:

Vince is considered one of the true guitar recording virtuosos from blues, jazz, surf, country to good old rock and roll. He has worked with the likes of; Ike Turner, Barry White, Chamber Brothers and many others.

He certainly has the legendary sounds both in guitar and vocals. Whether it be singing and playing the blues and rock or his avant-garde cutting edge lead guitar sound. Vince is a man of great stage presence and performance.


Tom Jacob:

The “Piano man” was simply born to play the piano and is considered a musical prodigy. Honing his prodigious skills with the likes of; Big Joe Turner Chuck Berry and currently with The Beach Boy’s Al Jardine's band.
Tom’s vocal and piano skills are in constant demand by many in the industry, which requires only excellence when it comes to musical talent. When Tom performs, his musicianship stands out with a rewarding pleasure that is not soon forgotten.

Mick McMains:

Mick began a life long study of music having the incredible good fortune to take piano lessons from Russian-born Madame Friedenson who herself was a protégé of the great Nadia Boulanger.

He has Co-Produced 2 startling CDs for the art ensemble known as DJ Monkey.

Acting also came natural to Mick and he can be seen in the horror classic Hard Rock Zombies. Mick has played on all the main stages in and around Los Angeles as well as touring through Europe in the punk rock band The Generators. He was a lead singer for Earl Slick’s NYC.
Scott Mitchell:

When it comes to horns, recording session work, there are few in today’s musical world that can compare to his wide range of performances. Scott has worked with such greats as: The Drifters, The Coasters creating that true rock sound that is so hard to find in today’s world.

He is also a music teacher who is dedicated to passing on the true art of horn playing whether it is blues, jazz or rock. His compelling stage presence is enjoyed and savored by all. He is a true showman. 



Dennis Dooley:

Dennis has been professionally playing drums since his teens. He has been involved in all facets of the music industry from playing the drums to recording and producing records. He has worked with such greats as Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, Tim Bogart and Hot Chili Peppers.

The audiences find his drum performances exciting and fun to watch. A true performer on the stage.